How We Arrive

how we arrive at a

moment. being in that moment.

how we approach that


the few seconds before.

the slow steps up to

years before

that moment.


to confront the origin

of trauma.

the heart beats that make themselves known.

the jump out of the chest.

it arrives.

it jumps.

tighten. pause.


jump. skip.

it is that moment

and how we arrived there

why we are drawn back.

how it carved out a path

in my central nervous system.

it is lurking there like the

stuff between the heavier moments.


trying to slow us down. the most

basic form of slowing.

pulling back from that moment.

being sucked away

by the gravity of time.


all writing is really about

how we arrive at a moment.

how we describe the path to

that moment

and the subsequent paths thereby.