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Women's Mastermind Program

What is a Mastermind?

Successful individuals throughout time have met with groups of like-minded people on a regular basis. This community is more formalized in a mastermind and accountability group. We help one another achieve common goals, and employ a tried-and-true process.

Why Women Only?

We have found great success and true community for women working in, or breaking into, the tech industry with our program. We've had women who started roles at Apple, Internet Brands, and Silicon Valley Bank immediately after completing this mastermind program.

What is the Theme?

We'll focus on resilience as the main theme. Guest speakers will share tips and tools for improving clarity, communication, and confidence, as you launch forward on your path to getting what you want out of life!

What Topics are Covered?

We'll cover topics encompassing how to define success and measure it; our relationship to failure; our 'end game'; mindfulness (meditation); leveraging network, mentorship, and group / 1:1 coaching.

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$199.00 Deposit

We've already had dozens of applications for the program.

Pay only $199 today to save your spot in our next group. 

You can pay the remainder of the commitment fee ($500 / $1000 / $1500, depending on option you choose) when the program starts.