Epiphany Fatigue

I don’t have epiphany fatigue yet! It comes in cycles so I’m enjoying the wave of epiphany after epiphany right now. I love meeting people as a coach at the place where I can practice listening.  For me, it’s like being at the movie of somebody’s life as it’s happening. Holding a thread, and simultaneously holding many threads, weaving through the fabric of our lives. I sense the electrical impulses of life and enjoy feeling the metaphors as they appear. I’m amazed at the insights I stumble upon or break through me in service of the other. For example, consider the saboteur voice as a wake-up call reminding you to be mindful of the situation you want to change. Use that moment as a Zen teacher reminding you to breathe and just notice.  Make noticing a habit. Changing your life and breaking through obstacles takes time and practice, just like building muscle. Mindfulness is a step toward creating new neural pathways to behavior change that is sustainable. As a coach, I can point out patterns and offer reflections, perspectives, and sensations.


Gratitude for my teachers, coaches, family, and friends who have been listeners for me over the years.  Thank you for giving me space to unfold and be loved. Please know that I am paying it forward <3


I am thrilled to report that I completed training with Coaches Training International (CTI) last week, and am preparing for the certification journey beginning in March. I will soon be enrolling new clients to join me on a magical journey of discovery and breakthrough.  If you are eager to start working with me or refer someone to me, let me know. I seem to be accumulating badass business ladies, and other women’s husbands…..I love coaching, everyone, on most topics, particularly people who are high achievers, too smart for their own good, and reluctant superheroes to name a few. Don’t box me in!

Stay tuned….

PS - I’m producing an event January 26-28 in San Francisco for the School of Movement Medicine called 21 Gratitudes, taught by Ya'Acov Darling Khan. If you are interested in one of the practices that fuel me, and a teacher that has had a profound impact on me, please come join us.