All things pass

Since publishing the last blog post on feeling lonely, sad, and depressed I feel it’s time to blog about the experience of having published those thoughts and feelings. Being open with the truth of being human with a range of emotions.


I am struck by the number of people who replied by sending me a ❤️. I am also moved by the people who contacted me privately wanting to help or make it all better. I am amazed at the fact that I can track the blog post analytics. I get a thrill out of knowing someone on the other side of the planet read my words. And I love knowing that my writing is seen most by people living near me. 


Why do we have the need to regulate emotion? Find a way back to a norm? Who determines normal? What’s the cultural implication? 


In truth, and I believe this is the truth for most humans, I have a wide range of emotions that are constantly changing, and include sadness. I also experience joy, delight, anticipation, fear, love, curiosity and awe. These seemingly positive states appear to be the more acceptable emotions to share openly on social media, and I share those more frequently. They feel like safe points of connection. Bringing up emotions like loneliness and depression feel like more dangerous points of connection. Like I might be seen as weak or needy, versus balanced and expressing valid need. The balance of strength and vulnerability, and the real need for human connection.  


Grateful for my practice, for finding the way to companions who support my growth, appreciate who I am, and knowing how to set boundaries and hold them.