Your Coach was dancing in public Saturday, and part of a businessey web summit today...

First, let's do business. I'm part of a GoTime Business and Tech Summit, where my interview airs for free today, Monday, June 18th, 2018. Check it out by clicking here.

I'll be talking about Co-Active Coaching, the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) model. I do a little sample coaching with Kim, and talk about Speed Coaching.  Click on the link, sign up, scroll down to me, click again, watch.  I'd love your feedback and referrals!

And now on to the art. THAT DRESS! Me and my new dress want to dance in galleries all over the globe! I'm in awe of how a carefully designed work of art dress can make me so happy and allow me to connect with so much and so many. I've attached my favorite video from the series in this blog post, and you can see more videos of me dancing here

I realize how much shifted for me since this dress has come into my life, just a few days ago. A little thing can have a huge impact! It has allowed me to show up as a work of art myself, my energy, just being me. Delighted, swirling, daring, exhilarated. 

With this share and these videos, as a coach, I aim to inspire you to take a leap to do that crazy thing that your heart and soul want to do. Do it NOW! If you're waiting for permission, this is it. Permission granted. If you're looking for a sign, this is it. Listen to your heart and move <3