Networking Event Attended - Box Checked

I went to a great networking event in San Francisco last night,  She Geeks Out sponsored by Pivotal. I went as part of a challenge by a sister coach to attend a networking event, and the extra challenge I gave myself was to go to a networking event for a tribe that is totally new to me, and for whom I might be a bit of an outsider with coveted wisdom. I definitely resonate with the geek element, but I’m a Gen Xer, not a Millennial, and my background is more hi-touch than hi-tech. I know I bring wisdom to this group and I have a lot to offer as a coach and collaborator. Allowing myself to go with a sense of excitement and mystery made it a fun anthropological study for me. I made two contacts for potential collaborations and now know about three employers that are looking to hire. I felt bad monopolizing time chatting with people who are hiring when I know there was at least half a room full of women seeking jobs.


I was also thrilled that the third speaker, Cheryl Porro, a powerful woman from stated that one of the things she does to stay on top of her game is to find a coach for things that she wants to do better. I wish I had been taking notes so that I could give you the exact quote, unfortunately I had to dash off and didn’t get a chance to tell her in person how much I appreciated this comment and the power of her voice and presence. Happy to see her standing up and speaking as a model of feminine wisdom, strength, humility. Thank you Cheryl!

Here are some photos from Cheryl's presentation...


One of the collaborations I am exploring is facilitating speed coaching event with partners in San Francisco and the East Bay.  She Geeks Out would be a great partner, and I’m open for collaborators in terms of hosting space and membership groups. I’ve got a posse of amazing coaches that are enrolling clients, and are happy to offer free sample sessions. In a speed coaching event potential clients would be facilitated through 10-minute speed coaching sessions with several coaches to really feel into right fit for a committed partnership. There are as many unique coaches out there as there are clients, and it makes sense to meet as many coaches as you can until you find the one that’s right for you. I love all of my clients and will only accept clients that I truly feel are a right fit.


What I learned about me from this networking event?

I learned that I’m a good at meeting people and connecting. I like gathering a lot of bits of information and matching up win/win situations. I have strong feeling about women supporting each other and uncovering their unique gifts along the way to success in whatever way they define it. I’m confident about what I know and my ability to love and support strong women in leadership.


Ideas generated?

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to bring in some of the embodied leadership experts from the conscious dance community into the sphere of young tech? Help people learn how to connect with the wisdom of their bodies through mindful awareness and conscious movement (THAT’S WHAT I GEEK OUT ABOUT!).