Coaching tip for staying focused on long term goals

Here’s a tip for keeping focused on goals when you work from home, don’t have a private consistent dedicated office space, or you are on the move a lot. This came to me while working with one of my clients this morning, and she suggested I write a blog post about it. In an effort to share tools and support the greater good, I want to pass these tips on as they come through. Here’s the tip: put your annual goals on the screen saver on your computer, make them visual and easy to see on a regular basis so that they are literally the wall paper.  Take the time to write them on a document where you can play with the font and color. Spend a few minutes making a visual that feels right. Once you land on the font and colors that feel right, save it and load it. Here’s another tip, visualize yourself achieving your top 5 goals, find images that represent those achievements, and make them revolving wallpaper images on your computer or phone. For example, if your goal is to do more public speaking, find an image of a seated crowd from the podium view. If your goal is to take a hike once a month, find an image of the next place you can realistically go for a hike.  If your goal is to negotiate a higher salary, find an image of how your will feel at the moment of getting that higher salary. You get the idea.


I’d love to see what you come up with, and are willing to share with others looking for ways to stay focused on long term goals.