30 FREE 30-minute coaching sessions in 30 days!

I’m enrolling ten lucky new coaching clients to go on the CTI coaching certification path of a lifetime with me. In an effort to magnetize the right clients, I am offering 30 FREE 30-minute sample sessions in the next 30 days to determine if we are a match for a six-month commitment to coaching. Click here now to send me your contact information and set up a session.


What’s involved in a sample session? All coaching sessions are confidential. The sample session will be over the phone, totally painless, often enlightening and energizing. I can work with clients in every time zone, every industry, every age.


Many clients initially come to me for career coaching which can turn into work/life balance coaching or health maintenance coaching or overall life coaching over time. I love working with entrepreneurs, consultants, artists, healers, techies, Millennials, Gen Xers, grad students, PhD candidates, female business leaders, high achievers seeking excellence, and anyone going through burn out. I’d love to work with politicians and policy makers, particularly in the field of health, welfare and social justice.


If you know me or have worked with me in any capacity you have a sense of who I am, and the supportive energy I have to offer.  If you don’t already know me, you can take a look at my reviews on Simbi, my new coaching website, or my LinkedIn profile for my academic and professional experience. Please pass this offer on to your friends, family, colleagues and post on any lists that you think need to hear the echo of this offer.


If we both feel that we’re a match at the end of the FREE 30-minute session, I will invite you to go on the 6-month coaching journey of a lifetime with me. What’s involved with the 6-month commitment? We will agree on timing, and I’ll send you some paperwork to make the relationship official.  We will begin with a 60-minute discovery session to dive deep, and four 30-minute sessions per month, or two 45-minute sessions per month (2 hours of coaching per month minimum).  During this six-month certification period, the first ten clients that sign on with me will get the added benefits of my coaching plus the oversight of two master coaches, and a greatly reduced rate of $50 per 30-minute session. Great benefits for the lucky ten that get on this journey with me! I’ll be learning and growing with you, trying new things and sharpening my skills.


Many employers support coaching and have a coaching budget, check in with yours.  I have several colleagues who are going through the certification process, and I’m happy to refer you to one of them or another certified coach if I feel that would be a better fit.  I’m invested in my growth, learning, success, joy, and fulfillment. Come along with me.


If you are receiving this as a forward from a friend or colleague, I imagine that they see something in you that wants to be embodied, grow, shift, play big, or move through an obstacle.  I trust that the drumbeat of this message will be carried by my dreams for fulfillment, abundance, clarity, happiness, love, joy, success, and peace deep within every being.