2018: Take a position and commit

2017 was the year of saying yes to everything, going and doing all that called, especially loving and supporting my friends and communities that align with my values. It was a time to let go of all of the critical thinking programming, and listen deeply to my intuition. I even let my intuition pick a new home that my heart loves, and my brain is catching up to.


During a coaching training a few months ago I had the realization that I have commitment issues. This isn’t a shock to my close friends who actually laugh when I tell them. They’d seen it all along, and have been enjoying watching me with my new found issue. My INFJ/9/Aquarian nature has kept me in a state of motion, like the wind, in a way that feels great for me, and I realize hasn’t always made others feel like I was dependable over the last few years. I got so good at the whole American independence thing, and suddenly realized that I have been missing the nourishment of healthy interdependence. While I felt happy and grateful roaming the world and felt simultaneously and deeply connected to people on different continents, I also longed for my community and a home base.


I am reminded of a particular lesson of 2017 that I received during the School of Movement Medicine Summer Long Dance. Susannah Darling Khan instructed us to take a position, and commit.  I shook my body for a while, tried a few different positions, and felt into what it means to take a position and commit. Reflecting on my body’s rejection of position after position, and inability to commit for more than a few seconds last summer. I am reminded of this lesson now, as 2018 comes into view from the place of my new home nestled in beloved community. I’m taking positions and committing. This is a new edge for me. I’m committing to my coaching business, I’m committing to my clients, I'm committing to my home, I’m committing to loving myself and reflecting love to all those around me.


As I call in a robust coaching practice, I notice how much I like having the first meeting magical dazzle when I touch the place that wants change. How will we stay with when things get tough, or worse, boring? Stay with. Keeping the magic alive. Commiting.