The JenCoffey Project Gets Real

I've been meaning to tell you about everything. It's a lot. Here we go. 

Today will be about me figuring out how to use the internet and web sites and stuff, 'cuz what I need to do, what I really really need to do --- what I believe my unique purpose in life is ---- is to write ----my story.  It's been simmering for a while, boiling on occasion. I am clear that the next important step in my healing journey is to put it out in the light with words.  My life as poetry in motion.  In the meantime I'll be posting things here about my travels and meanderings while you are saying prayers for me to pull out an exquisite telling of my healing journey.  Expect to read posts here about things like radical change, transformation, healing, conscious dance, movement as medicine, dyslexia/vision/reading issues, trauma, grief, travel, love, friends, dreams, magic, mystery and awe.