Some Random Thoughts OR What's Blogging About?

Feeling so grateful for my healthy body. Recognizing the grace and blessing of full range of motion. Except for the moments of soreness, break down, stiffness, numbness, resting, nourishing, replenishing, and rebuilding. Which is much of the time. 


A few things I’ve learned that seem important to note:


Worth noting and repeating often - start your journey NOW.  NOW IS A GOOD TIME. Start healing now. Forgive now. Surrender now. Whatever it means to you to heal, start doing that today if you aren’t already. 


Be honest with yourself. It doesn’t matter what you say to anyone else if you’re not being honest with yourself.  Wounds don’t disappear. They don’t evaporate. They are with you for the entire journey. Learn how to be with them. Forever.  


Don’t stop asking yourself. Listen to the wounds. They are guideposts. 


I don’t have a magic one size fits all potion. I do have my own grammar rules, that translate into, I don’t care that much about grammar rules. Forgive me. And sometimes I get so excited about what I want to communicate that I make typos. And since I don’t like reading, I often miss the typos when I proof read because I’m so excited to read back what I wrote to myself. Forgive me <or be a very loving kind editor when you message me to tell me about my mistakes>.


What I have is my story to share. Knowing it’s being read is part of the healing process. Some topics feel taboo. Even writing the word taboo feels edgy. And somehow very important. We are all skating on edges all the time.  So I’ll be skating here for a while. And then some day the sun will shine through and there will be a break in the ice.  Someone could get hurt. I could get hurt. I am vulnerable.