On noticing the behaviors of my inner board of directors/allies/crew

Challenging myself to shift my personal blog focus from travel to coaching, and make weekly posts for the next three to six months, with the option to continue.  To begin I’d like to share this noticing that came up for me, which I imagine many can relate to. Feedback encouraged.


My Observer noticed how during intellectual pursuits and challenges, learning a new professional skill, moving toward unconscious competence, I have a Rule Breaker and a Competitor on the crew, and the Competitor often beats the Rule Breaker in these scenarios.


Recently at the gym for physical therapy, my observer noticed that at the gym the Rule Breaker was in charge and the Competitor was hiding.


I brought it up with my trainer, and while she’d never thought of it that way, she instantly got it. She elaborated on the concept by sharing that high-performance athletes often move through physical therapy faster than the weekend warrior or casual exerciser.


My Observer is the mindful one, the zen master on my crew. I’m now curious about how my transition out of physical therapy/personal training will unfold with this new awareness. What would it be like to invite the Competitor to the gym with me, and ask the Rule Breaker to stay home?