Finally, A Pain Eating Serpent

When I experience something powerful and potent, I want to talk about it. I want to put light on it. I want others to share in the discovery. I had a powerful experience a few months ago which connected me to a sense of trust and belief in nature. That’s all I can say about it now. A miracle shared is a miracle halved. At least that’s what I heard. 


Today I experienced a healing that is being integrated as I write this. Perhaps writing this is part of the integration. I can’t know. I have to do. This. Be. 


I granted permission for the healer’s guides. I pause and look at that last sentence. Chuckle. It’s one of those things I’d think was nuts coming from someone else, but it’s my experience so I can’t deny it. 


Whose pain is this? Whose pain is this in my knee? I’d like to return it, with grace and gratitude. Thank you for the lessons. I am ready to move on. Calling in an energetic surgery on my knee to gouge out the pain. Medicine bags open, please.


Images of a serpent with large jaw eating the pain in my knee. Images of an open field in the jungle with my body being gnawed at by animals, eating away my pain, taking it with them to disintegrate into the earth as they make the ultimate sacrifice. The jackals assembled at the carcass as the big cats watch. Fleeting images of lions coming toward me, no fear. Comfort. Security. Protection. Wisdom. Wanting the jackals to move on. Take the pain with them. They leave.




On the physical plane, I continue to heal slowly. I can’t do stairs just yet, and there are staircases at the front and back doors. I haven’t left my home in three weeks. Good thing I like being alone, and am fiercely independent —more about that another time. I am hoping to be able to do stairs by Wednesday so I can go out to lunch with a dear friend. I’ve created my own home physical therapy schedule since I have Kaiser and the first available PT appointment is nearly two weeks away. 


I’d like to revamp our health care system so that it’s goal is to keep us healthy and prioritize preventive options over radical options. I wish my health insurance would have given me a prescription for organic prepared food delivery, home PT, home massage, a little light housekeeping, well-written stories to keep my mind occupied and solitude.  That’s the medicine I need.