I Believe in Miracles

Nothing prepares you for miracles. Nothing prepares you for death. It’s a miracle this amazing life keeps going. I feel like I experienced a miracle in my body. I felt the healing energy coming. I was able to press out a lot of the pain myself, with divine skilled guidance. I was referred to a healer, we emailed and spoke over the phone. She was confident that she could heal me or I could heal myself. She explained some anatomy and reflexology to me. Energetics. I was deftly guided. I may have avoided surgery. If I have, I promise to nurture my body more. Get stronger, build muscle and healthy tissues. Listen more deeply, and learn to trust again. I don’t want to feel guarded all the time. Like the whole body is on alert for the pain wave. I want to put down the pain. 


Reminds me of a patient I loved dearly. I wonder about her. I know I can’t write at all about her. But this experience of pain is familiar and common enough that it could be a reference to many. 


I’m not in a hurry to be cut into and pumped with anesthesia. I want to build strength and new tissue. I like slowing down. Gliding through my apartment like a pinball. 


Was on the living room floor trying to roll out my body. Wishing I had bigger space to roll on. Aware of how dirty the floor is. Rolled up the carpet, cleaned the floors. Turned on the radio. Purple Rain. Which sometimes brings me to tears just because it’s such a beautiful song. When it ended the announcer came on and said that Prince had died. WHAM! Didn’t feel that one coming. And then I felt it. The full impact. Laid down and cried about it. Couldn’t not. The shock continued. I could feel it growing in the field around me. Beloved Prince. What an inspiration. Every time I saw prince perform I was reminded of what’s possible when you push all the way. Glowing genius. Feels like we’re all falling together with the news of departure.




I’m scheduled for surgery next week, and somehow I don’t think it’s going to happen. This self-healing that I seem to be able to manifest is working. The energy healing received has made an impact, and I couldn’t be more grateful for anyone who has sent healing energy my way. I have felt it. It has permeated my cellular structure. I have felt your medicine bags opening for me. Thank you.


On the anatomical plane, I had a moment yesterday after many hours of self massage on my knee and it’s counter points. In that moment I was pressing behind bent right knee. Medium level pressure into thick hard band crossing band. I had just spent some time pressing hard into the quadriceps toward the knee, moving the blood into the knee. Flooding it with warm energy. My hands seemed to know what to do. The flood of energy allowed the surrounding muscles to release, and I felt tissue slither up though the crossed bands in the center of my knee. Sweet sweet release. Felt like licking a delicious melting ice cream cone. 


After that I was able to experience a wide range of motion without pain in my knee. My eyes wide open, bursting with amazement. I could feel the healer’s energy working me from New York, and as far away as Australia. Hawaii, DC, LA, Washington, Oregon, Philly. Thank you for being on this journey with me.