3 Dances in 24 hours (vulnerable video included)

Someone has to do it. I want to tell you about many things. Will try to focus on a few for today’s post. Understand my mind jumps around, like my body, so my writing style will mirror who I am. It will jump around. It will spin. It will move in spirals. It will be slow and boring at times. It will also make you fall in love.



Dance #1:

Remembering The Body THURSDAY Mornings - Movement Ritual and Dance Explorations

I am grateful to have finally had the opportunity to be a student at the Mountain Home with Anna Halprin as the teacher. What a gift! Thank you universe! I was a few minutes late and Anna came over to adjust my right hip as I tried to get into the position the other students appeared to be in.  The teacher touched me! She noticed me! Funny how I can shift into child around certain teachers. I felt anointed by her magic. I digress…Anna had us on the floor experiencing release through spiral movement in the lower spine. She talked about release rather than stretch. Stretching is adding stress. What the body wants to do is release. When you can allow the bones to move into postures where release is possible, the body settles. Felt great. Reminded me of Patrick Douce’s spinal awareness work. Also reminded me of Frey Faust’s Axis teachings which I don’t really understand, but somehow got the download from him at Big Island Dance Camp. I digress…back to class….it was slow…it was subtle…it was powerful. At the end we formed a circle and had to dance a movement, say our name, where we live, and what we do. When it came to my turn, I made a big exhale from my mouth of all the fear of having eyes on me. Hands pushing out from chest. I’m Jen. I’m a nomad, and I'm healing.



Dance #2

Bern Baby Bern! Disco Dance Party for Bernie Sanders

Um, well, um. I think I forgot how to regular dance out at a bar. I did have the Pirate Princess with me extolling her intergalactic energy, standing tall, radiating fun, the life of the party. Was interesting to see the Bernie folks out. Realized I don’t really love disco music, only certain songs. We didn’t stay long. I had a few fun moments, but mostly was in awe of all the partner dances, watching the energy. 


Note for the future: Pirate Princess will be my traveling companion for the first few steps of my path in Europe. She made me agree that we will have fun. I immediately said, I guess we should talk about having other agreements if we’re going to travel together. Yes, she said, the four agreements. She insisted that having fun was one of the four agreements. I was pretty sure it wasn’t but I liked the idea of it being our primary agreement. In addition to the 4 +1 agreement, I added that I might not want to talk about something happening in the moment, and will always make myself available to check in later. I also asked that feedback be gentle when possible. I’m sure we are going to get on each other’s nerves. Felt good to talk about it in advance. Love you Pirate Princess!


Dance #3

5Rhythms - The City Waves - Mission Fridays

I LOVE DANCING IN THIS SPACE! It was a small group. More room to move. Felt so good to dance in the light in my neighborhood. Felt good to be with my dear friends leading the class. Flock of pigeons circling outside. I had the ideas for this post while in motion, and now is the soonest I could sit and actually write. I also wanted to make a short video of what this dance is that I do. Want to take my vulnerability to a new level. Need to post this video

while I still have the courage. Knowing that what I’ve written here/today/NOW comes near what I want to convey, but I’m not brilliant with the descriptions yet. I know that what I’m trying to do with my writing is to find the words to clearly and impeccably write my experience, my truth. Know that sharing this video with you is like inviting you into my therapy session.