(F)unemployment Schedule

Up with the sun. Ate homemade breakfast burrito made with love while watching Sunday’s episode of Girls.


Switched Political Parties - I love you Greens, but since the whole political system is broken, and I want to cast my vote for Bernie, I had to make a temporary change. I’ll be back. 


Made an offer to rent my place out for 9 months starting late September- Yikes! Really stepping into the unknown. Nothing has been confirmed! Yet! Will Maui hold me? Will I find a nest in Marin? Will I keep swirling?


Volunteered at Burning Man Headquarters - Walked there via Folsom under the shady trees with sun shine popping through. Enjoyed seeing my neighborhood and all the vibrancy that makes this place special. Sigh….San Francisco…I know why I fell in love with you….Anyway…I did inventory and organization in a storage unit. Fun to count rolls of ribbons, bags of balloons, sharpies and bottles of wine. Made me realize how badly I need to do this in my own storage unit. Helped me formulate my home organization attack plan. 


Had tea with an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in four years - Went to a hip spot in the Mission. Walked there along 18th street. Honk, chatter, honk. Had chai while sitting awkwardly in the cool space. She randomly contacted me because she wants to do networking. Not really my thing right now. We had a great conversation about Judaism. Smoke and mirrors, she said. The outcast, I am. Wandering, and not seen. 


Walked home along Valencia - Beautiful day. Sun shining. Got a raincoat for travels. Saw myself in mirrors. Felt odd. Who am I now? What kind of clothes am I shopping for? What is myuniform? Saw a couple dancing as they walked. That made me smile. Being on Valencia felt weird. 


Cup of tea and some writing at home. I love my home. 


Go back to Burning Man Headquarters for a volunteer appreciation gathering. Blue lipstick. Chatted. Ate. Was nice to reconnect with a few folks. Made plans to go back next week to finish up. 


Headed out to meet up with my daughter. While walking to my car I randomly ran into someone that had been on my mind a lot.  It felt like a divine meeting. She has an art gallery space with a big open floor. I had been fantasizing about contacting her to find out if I could hang out there during the day to write and dance. I could help out with watching the gallery if she ever needed help. We had a short and sweet chat. Reminded of another dream I’ve had on the back burner for a long time: to have an art gallery. Her space is almost exactly my dream. I would make some modifications. I’d love to try it out. Wow. Serendipity. Manifestation. 


Stopped to return generic raincoat from sporting goods store. Traveling by car stopped at two coffee shops that had just closed. The sweet guy at the store suggested the food trucks under the highway. They have coffee and are open. I went. I loved being there. By myself. I got an empanada, yum. And a cup of not the world’s greatest coffee, but the folks serving it were sweet, and the vibe was happy. Checked out the space. Felt good to be on my own in the city after dark. Can’t quite explain it. Sigh…San Francisco…I feel your allure.


I made my way to Rickshaw. Rockstar parking. My daughter’s husband’s band was performing. My daughter was outside chatting it up with her friends. She was so happy to see me and introduce me to her friends. I loved being introduced as Mom. I love this young lady madly. She’s deep in my heart. I love seeing who she is and listening to her. What a gift to know her, and be trusted by her. She tells me that her mother-in-law is here. She told her that I’m here too. We all know it sounds a little crazy, and maybe it is. Maybe we are. I love it. She loves it. It feels good. I ended up spending a lot of time with the machatunim (am I spelling that right?), listening to the music standing side by side. Chatting with each other, talking about our kids. I’VE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE. I’ve never really been able to relate to my friends as parents. I’ve never had that feeling. Tonight I had a few moments of that proud parent feeling. My daughter is an amazing human. I’m am honored to be her Mom. 


Sigh…San Francisco…you are a little magic…